The War Against Organized Stalking aka Gangstalking

The potentially award-winning case against gangstalking is laid out clearly in the administrative claim below, which was mailed out on 03/09/2021

If you miss everything else in the administrative claim, do not miss the “sensitization” section (pgs 3-7)

Simply put, to understand how gangstalking works, one must first understand sensitization

Join Yours Truly, a gentleman and a scholar, in his quest to prove, once and for all, that there is a targeted individual program, and that gangstslking, it’s key component, is real!!

Attorneys interested in joining this landmark case, potentially the most consequential case in U.S. civil rights history, feel free to reach out using the contact button above, or use the comment section below. Anonymous comments allowed

As with all major causes, we will also need a tremendous war chest, especially as here, where it appears we will be up against the military industrial complex. Support this fight against gangstalking by donating using the link below. All proceeds will go towards the federal court fight (attorneys, court costs, etc)

Active or former participants in the heinous gangstalking program who wish to be whistleblowers (we don’t judge), use the contact button above, or leave comments below. Depending on how much funds we raise, we may even institute a “crime stoppers” pay program, where we pay tipsters

Currently working on a YouTube channel that will prove my “sensitization”-based thesis. Simply put, when it’s all said and done, you’ll admit that Yours Truly is the Professor Emeritus of Advanced Gangstalking Studies. The videos are private for now to avoid accusations of doxxing which may derail this destined-to-be award-winning project. For the good folks at et al, feel free to email me for access to the videos. Email is


03/09/2021Administrative Claim mailed out to DOJ-OIG & DOD-OIG

03/10/2021-Administrative Claim mailed to DHS-IG & ODNI

03/15/2021–Administrative Claim delivered to DOJ-IG, DOD-IG & ODNI

03/16/2021–Administrative Claim delivered to DHS-IG

03/24/21–Received a return receipt from DOJ-OIG acknowledging that they received my administrative claim on 03/15/2021

03/26/2021–Mailed the administrative claim to the Texas Attorney General’s office in Austin, TX

04/03/2021–Received return receipts from Texas AG’s office and DOD-OIG confirming that DOD received my administrative claim on 03/22/21 and Texas AG on 03/30/21

***An unrelated by quite relevant story***

“Thus the FBI initiated a concerted and secret campaign into her life by STALKING her, tapping her phone and opening her mail.”

04/08/2021–Mailed a copy of the administrative claim to DOJ civil rights office in Houston and DC

***An unrelated by quite relevant story****

Turns out in 2019, Ryan Patrick, then U.S. Attorney for SDTX(Trump appointee), was asked to investigate gangstalking and other related crimes, but his office DECLINED to do so. Hmm–next time you think this is a Right vs Left thing, think again. It’s beyond political parties

***Unrelated but relevant story***

04/29/2021–Major breaking news on CNN that some national intelligence staffers were attacked by what are feared to be directed energy weapons(DEWs) just outside the White House

As expected, given the seriousness of this news(proximity to WH), the Senate Intelligence Committee began demanding answers to questions regarding DEWs. Remember, prior to this bombshell CNN report, targeted individuals were dismissed as crazy precisely because of their claims of DEW attacks. This CNN story is very important because it confirmed to regular Americans that DEWs are not conspiracy theories. There are now several petitions online for Congress to investigate DEW attacks on regular Americans(private citizens as opposed to govt employees, diplomats etc)


My several FOIAs inquiring about organized stalking have also been fruitless–surprise surprise!! Sent them to Texas AG, several Texas fusion centers, and one to USPS after the bombshell news report that since 2018, they’ve been running a covert surveillance program(ICOP), that flags peoples social media posts

06/13/2021–Response from Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General (DOJ-OIG) regarding my 03/09/2021 administrative claim

07/14/2021–Response from Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division (DOJ-CR) to my 03/09/2021 administrative claim

***Notably, total silence from both DHS & DOD***

09/30/2021–This bombshell tweet by Mark Zaid, a prominent national security lawyer showing that the NSA has known since at least 2014 about directed energy attacks on political dissidents will end up being the bombshell that blows the lid off the directed energy weapons can. Mark my words!! If NSA knew this in 2014, why is it a “mystery” in 2021?

11/14/2021–Here is then Defense Secretary being asked in the early 2000s by MSM’s Norah O’Donnell about DOD’s experimentation with directed energy weapons and it’s use in the counterterrorism context. Isn’t that precisely what targeted individuals have said since….? Why cant the same Norah O’Donnell ask the same question in 2022–whether DOD uses these weapons on civilians in the counterterrorism context? If it was a legit question then, why not now? Hmm. This is also a biggie

02/01/2022–President Biden appointed Maher Bitar, the Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the NSC, to be the Havana Syndrome Czar

02/10/2022--A Havana Syndrome webinar was held at the University of Texas Southwest(UTSW-Dallas). The highly informative webinar slightly made reference to regular civilians who have reported similar symptoms, but it did not address the issue in detail

02/20/2022–Bombshell 60 Minutes piece reveals previously undisclosed Havana Syndrome attacks against well-known former DHS officials Olivia Troye, Miles Taylor, among others. Olivia Troye, who worked under then VP Pence says one of her attacks took place on White House grounds–a serious national security issue. Miles Taylor for his part called for an investigation into whether Russia and other nation states may be going after people(both govt officials and regular civilians), who they perceive as obstacles to their interests. Interesting that Taylor brought regular civilians into this debate, as opposed to his peers who focus solely on victims who are U.S. government officials(active or retired)

02/24/2022–A Major milestone in the Havana Syndrome debate, as Jean Guerrero’s piece in the Los Angeles Times calls for the ongoing Havana Syndrome investigation to include targeted individuals in the U.S. This is the first time a mainstream publication in the U.S. has addressed the targeted individual issue without the usual derision–which is why Yours Truly considers Guerrero’s piece a major milestone . She revealed that her own dad believed he was a targeted individual

02/28/2022–The Korea Herald published Jean Guerrero’s LA Times piece on Havana Syndrome/targeted individuals

05/11/2022--A recent study by Texas A&M ALSO concludes that pulsed microwaves can cause traumatic brain injury, and CRUCIALLY, that this is within the capabilities of certain military and commercial systems. This simply means in layman terms, this technology is already in use by the military and some private companies

05/31/2022–Sent a follow up letter to ODNI asking them to review my original administrative claim in light of all the developments that have taken place re Havana Syndrome/directed energy weapons. Basically take a fresh look at my administrative claim now that directed energy weapons are no longer “Russian disinformation” or “batshit conspiracy theories”. Check it out, TIs, this is IT!!

ODNI.docx by collins nyabwa

06/04/2022–Sent a follow up letter to DHS-OIG asking them to review my original administrative claim in light of all the developments that have taken place re Havana Syndrome/directed energy weapons. Basically take a fresh look at my administrative claim now that directed energy weapons are no longer “Russian disinformation” or “batshit conspiracy theories”

DHSOIGFollowup060422 by collins nyabwa

06/04/2022–Sent a follow up letter to DOD-OIG asking them to review my original administrative claim in light of all the developments that have taken place re Havana Syndrome/directed energy weapons. Basically take a fresh look at my administrative claim now that directed energy weapons are no longer “Russian disinformation” or “batshit conspiracy theories”

DODIGFollowup060422 by collins nyabwa

06/04/2022–Sent a follow up letter to DOJ-OIG asking them to review my original administrative claim in light of all the developments that have taken place re Havana Syndrome/directed energy weapons. Basically take a fresh look at my administrative claim now that directed energy weapons are no longer “Russian disinformation” or “batshit conspiracy theories”

DOJIGFollowup060422 by collins nyabwa

06/09/2022–ODNI-IG received the follow up letter

06/10/2022–Strangely, similar follow up letters I mailed certified on 06/04/2022 to DOJ-IG, DHS-IG, DOD-IG are STILL at the Houston post office as of this morning(6 days). Hmm, STRANGE indeed!!

***Remember, these are all CERTIFIED letters that were supposed to be at their destinations on 06/08/2022 per USPS receipts***What’s up with that USPS?

USPSDelays by collins nyabwa on Scribd

***Stopped by said USPS to inquire about this STRANGE delay development, and was given a customer service number “if problem persists”. Something to do with the fact that I mailed the letters through the self-service kiosk, as opposed to going through a live counter rep***Was told sometimes the tracking history appears when the letter is scanned at the destination warehouse, or something to that effect***

06/10/2022–Sent out a letter to Senator John Cornyn’s Office(Casework Dept) asking them to hound DHS, DOD, DOJ & ODNI for an answer to the administrative claim. That’s how you do it, folks. Learn a few tricks from Yours Truly. Plus I’ve heard good things about Cornyn’s casework dept. They actually make an effort, unlike Sen….

If you are a Texan, all you have to do is go the Senator’s website and click on the “For Texans” section for help with whatever federal agency. They will have you sign off on a form like this, basically authorizing his office to ask the federal agency on your behalf. A very handy resource for poor folk

***Also sent an email to Sen Cornyn’s casework department with the same documents I mailed via USPS***

Cornyn Case Work Request by collins nyabwa on Scribd

06/10/2022–BOOM!! And just like that, a response from Senator Cornyn’s office promising to follow up on my issue. Told you folks, TeamCornyn is good, and that’s a rabid Lib saying that

***An unrelated but quite relevant tweet. Remember Karen Stewart is a whistleblower–the kind of person usually targeted by DEWs. Even more importantly, she worked for the NSA, which features highly in my 05/31/22 follow up letter to ODNI(see paragraphs #9 & #10 of the letter). NSA has apparently KNOWN about DEW attacks since 2014***

***Another unrelated but quite relevant tweet on 06/15/22. This is for those of you out there who still have this notion that concerns about advancements in neuroscience are just “overblown” or b.s. from some wild-eyed conspiracy theorist. As you can see, these are issues that have been discussed at the highest levels, for decades!!***

06/13/2022–Two of the letters sent on 06/04/2022(DHS-OIG & DOD-OIG)finally arrive at their destination

Delivery to DOD-OIG in Alexandria

Delivery to DHS-OIG in Washington DC

***Tracking history on the third letter sent on 06/04/22 to DOJ-OIG strangely STILL shows it at the Houston post office as of 06/16/2022***The same info it showed on 06/10/2022***Hmm, 12 days? Very interesting

06/14/2022–Bombshell FCW piece on a proposed new legislation(Drone Act of 2022) that will among other things, add criminal penalties for weaponizing drones with electromagnetic pulse devices. Wait, Congress has KNOWN this all along? Hmm

06/16/2022–Senator Jeanne Shaheen(D-NH) introduces additions to the Havana Act making it easier for victims of directed energy attacks to get the medical care they need. How about regular civilians?

***Received these interesting gangstalking newsletters from the good folks at Targeted Justice, who I intend to bring into all this in the near future–two hands are better than one. I did edit out the doxxing aspects of the newsletters because of course, Yours Truly is a Gentleman and a Scholar***

FBI Gangstalking–Targeted … by collins nyabwa

DHS Gangstalking–Targeted … by collins nyabwa

***An unrelated but quite relevant tweet showing clearly that human experimentation using microwaves–the issue at hand here–has been going on since the 90s. Why is this a “mystery” in 2022?***

***Unrelated but very important tweet to the subject matter at hand***

07/14/2022–Senator Susan Collins(R-ME) introduces bill aimed at improving assistance to victims of Havana Syndrome plus CRUCIALLY, enhancing congressional oversight of our intel agencies. VERY positive development for targeted individuals

07/19/2022–CIA Director William Burns discusses Havana Syndrome investigation and the criteria his agency will use for compensating victims, at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. Still no word yet on directed energy weapons attacks on regular civilians (non government employees). Stay tuned, folks!!

07/23/2022–Bombshell Daily Mail piece citing Rep Jason Crow reveals that bio-weapons can be designed specific to someones DNA—yet again, an issue TIs have raised for years, but dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Hmm

***Bombshell tweet by one Mary Brady, that every TI needs to see***Good catch!!***

***Check out this bombshell tweet about a Navy vet who specifically blamed his 2013 shooting spree on “electromagnetic mind control”***

***One of the BEST definitions of a TI, imho, by one Thomas Marshall, more than a decade ago***Unbelievable that this stuff happens in ”free”, ”civilized”, Western countries***💯% CRIMES against humanity***

07/26/2022–Disappointing news from Senator Cornyn’s office. For some reason, they refused to act as a liaison for my complaint with DHS, DOJ, DOD & ODNI. This is the Dallas office. I will try with the DC office to see if they’ll play ball. Whichever way, don’t panic folks, the struggle continues.

Senator Cornyn’s Office… by collins nyabwa

***Interesting tip for TIs on how to know your phone is being ”stingrayed”. Apparently if the signal bars on your phone are constantly at less than full strength(2 bars, 1 bar etc), it’s because your phone is being “throttled”. Hmm, interesting. Mine stays at 2 bars max all day, regardless of where I am***I’m outta there, folks***

08/21/2022–This bombshell tweet citing a very well sourced Newsweek article of a well funded secret army should remove ANY doubt in your mind as to whether the targeted individual program is real. An absolute bombshell from an insider who spoke to Newsweek on condition of anonymity

08/26/2022–Bombshell report on Newsy that several FBI agents in DC and Miami are reporting symptoms of Havana Syndrome. This is quite an interesting development because several TIs have complained about lack of action by the FBI to their allegations of domestic assaults. Will this bombshell mark a change in FBI’s response to claims by TIs? Hmm

09/25/2022–Bombshell CNN Special titled ”Immaculate Concussion” digs into the possible causes of Havana Syndrome. Interestingly, one of the nation’s leading microwave scientist tells CNN’s Sanjay Gupta that directed energy weapons are VERY EASY to put together and more importantly, that the components are NOT expensive. Hmm, are so-called ”ray guns” real? This also seemingly answers the portability question. Are these what gangstalkers use?

10/05/2022–Bombshell CNN report that agents are complaining(filing whistleblower complaints) about the agency, saying it is dragging its feet on its ”investigation” into the cause(s) of Havana Syndrome. Hmm

11/16/2022–Here’s the U.S. military admitting to Politico in a 2021 piece that DEWs can be “small and portable”. Hmm, gangstalking just got a little bit more interesting

01/10/2023–The creation of a House select committee to investigate the weaponization of the federal government (read DOJ, DHS, DOD etc) provides a great opening for targeted individuals to finally get the answers they have been looking for. These agencies can no longer hide behind the media stonewall. They will have to entertain these questions

01/11/2023–Targeted Justice slaps DOJ & DHS with a massive $13 billion lawsuit that goes to the heart of the complaints raised by targeted individuals–for-profit human experimentation masquerading as “counterterrorism”. Folks, this lawsuit plus the House Weaponization Committee makes 2023 the worst year for Deep State. Huge potential for abuses they’ve successfully hidden since 2001 to come to light.

01/15/2023–Bombshell revelation by independent journalist Matt Taibbi on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures show w/Maria Bartiromo, that numerous federal agencies, including the FBI, DHS, DOD, and even the CIA(yup, you read that right-the CIA), routinely requested Twitter to “take action” on certain accounts. This was apparently done under the auspices of the “Foreign Interference Task Force”.

This is super important in my particular case because I’ve always known that my problems began when my social media accounts(FB & Twitter) were summarily shut down in late 2016 and early 2017, while living and working in Corpus Christi Texas. I’ve had problems with these accounts ever since(extreme shadowbanning) plus constant surveillance. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that my problems are directly related to FITF. Hmm

According to FBI’s Combating Foreign Influence website, FITF was established in the Fall of 2017. Was I one of the early birds? People who led to the formation of the task force? Hmm. Was DHS already rounding up accounts before formal launch of FITF? Hmm. There’s no question however that Yours Truly somehow got tangled up with the boys and gals at FITF, and has been “dancing” with them ever since. The question now, for the good folks at Targeted Justice is, WHO runs FITF in Texas, and specifically, the Southern District of Texas region, which covers both Corpus Christi and Houston?

But don’t take my word for it, that 2023 may be a great year for targeted individuals. Even Rep Dan Bishop (R-NC) is looking forward to uncovering some “shocking abuses of power” 47 years after MKULTRA and COINTELPRO

03/01/2023-After a two-year “investigation”, U.S. intel agencies conclude that Havana Syndrome is NOT caused by some directed energy weapon but rather, underlying health conditions and the environment. The report says they are still open to tips from the public about the existence of directed energy weapons that could cause such symptoms. Un-freaking-believable that Avril Haynes’ ODNI would let out such a bogus finding that will NOT–mark my words–age well. She needs to resign, or get FIRED!!

But don’t take Yours Truly’s skepticism about the report for it, here’s just a sample of other doubters

***Remember, had our intel community admitted the obvious–that directed energy weapons capable of causing Havana Syndrome exist, and are currently in use, then they would necessarily have to answer complaints by targeted individuals in the U.S. who have long complained about such attacks. In other words, their “conspiracy theory” defense would be shattered. Something to keep in mind as this drama unfolds. They’ve bought themselves some time but how long before they are forced to admit the truth, or some insider whistleblower comes forward? Hmm***